Love movies as much as we do, want to keep an element of style in your home? Look no further, here at Minimal artwork we provide high quality art, with modern, subtle minimalistic designs. Please zoom into the picture that you are buying as the designs come with (on purpose) a vintage rustic effect as you might mistake these for dirt/scuffs through posting but it is intended as part of the design. Sizes: -35 cm*50 cm -50 cm*70 cm If you like our style and have a movie in mind, and you would like us to make it for you in the same format, drop us a message and we will get straight back to you. Any other questions, give us a shout and we will provide you with our excellent service, round the clock. If you are not satisfied then please message us before leaving feedback we will endeavour to resolve any arising issues as quickly as possible. تابلوهاى فيلم. توى محصول جديد، طراحى هاى مينيمال از چندتا فيلم كه خودمون خيلى دوسشون داريم رو با مقواى ماكت و با كيفيت ترين ورق مس اجرا كرديم ( البته كه همه كارها رو خودمون طراحى كرديم). تابلو فيلم ها رو توى دو سايز ٣٥*٥٠ و ٥٠*٧٠ مى تونين تهيه كنين. فيلمهايي كه الان موجود هستن (و بعداً هم فيلمهاى ديگه اى اضافه مى كنيم): -Harry Potter -The Big Lebowski -Kill Bill -Star wars -Interstellar -The Truman Show -Forrest Gump (كار توي تصوير) ________________________________________________ #studiostargazer #ssgmovies #gift #minimal #هديه #فيلم #سينما #هديه #كادو #تهران #مينيمال #هري_پاتر #فارست_گامپ #forrestgump

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